Veronique Maria

Veronique Maria

Veronique Maria was born in London, England, in 1959. After living in New Zealand and Canada she returned to the UK and gained a degree from Brighton, Sussex (BA (hons) wood, metal, ceramics, plastics,) and a Masters degree from Middlesex University, (Applied Psycho synthesis / Professional Fine Art Practice). She currently lives and works in West Sussex and London.

Veronique creates mixed media works on canvas and sculpture; often sewing and binding fibre to wood, clay, or earthwork. In her most recent work, she produces low relief wall panels by building up layers of small ceramic pieces, finely ground firebricks, pigments, oils and lacquers.

Veronique comments

“I am interested in how we hold the tensions that life and death, sexuality and spirituality, being and not being, bring.

At the heart of my practice, I am concerned with the spark which ignites our will to live and drives us forward to experience life, death and birth; time and time again. I am talking about the flame within us that can diminish into a faintly flickering whisper; threatening to disappear completely, and can rise up into an incredible roaring inferno.

It seems to me that with every breath and in each moment, we make conscious and unconscious choices in response to this spark of life.”

Veronique's paintings form an integral part of many significant international collections.