Sarah-Jane Szikora

Sarah-Jane Szikora

In life, we are lucky if we find our true calling. Sarah-Jane discovered hers' in hospital aged four. With one eye bandaged following surgery, there was a crayon in her hand and despite the obvious handicap she was drawing pictures.

Encouraged by her English mother and Hungarian father, Sarah-Jane attended Harrogate and Cleveland Art Colleges, specializing in illustration and she has worked as a freelance artist since 1991.

Exaggerated figures feature as the main subjects in her artwork and each painting offers an insight into Sarah-Jane's world; quirky and witty, her work is instantly recognizable.

Sarah-Jane says; “There is an obsession in our society about appearance, everyone is on a diet or opting for cosmetic improvements: Why is it we dislike ourselves so much?”

She should know, after living with an eating disorder from her teens to her early thirties, there was plenty to consider. Despite finally leaving this unhappy condition behind, the legacy of that disorder is plainly visible right through her art; the distorted bodies, tiny heads, a deep fascination for food and our relationship with it.

At first glance, Sarah-Jane’s art can appear care-free, but scratch the veneer and you soon discover that her work offers a thoughtfulness about the human condition that first appearances betray. Difficult personal experiences such as her mother’s dementia and her own long term sight problems have also been examined.

“My objective is to find the common thread that connects us and I hope that empathy is at the heart of my work.”